Rainbow River 1  (watercolor) 25 x 14 (framed 28 x 17)

Cattails on the Pond  (watercolor) 30 x 22½ (framed 39 x 31)

Gayle W. Miller Fine Art

Artist Gayle Miller is Charting a Course,

won’t you come along?

Don’t rest on your laurels: 
Gayle Miller’s art career started out with a bang, she was well received showing her works and won many awards in juried exhibitions. But as you can see from this painting below she continued to innovate in a unique way.

Front-Page Feature from Rainbow Springs Villager

Be Flexible: 

Gayle started out painting in oils and found that the medium didn’t suit her lifestyle. Raising a family and her self-proclaimed “impatience” led her to switch over to watercolors. As you can see from this stunning painting, and her own words “she just fell in love with the transparency.

Seize the Day:

Gayle’s husband fostered an opportunity to try working in another medium, acrylic. Gayle again, challenged her skills by painting on authentic NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) navigation charts. This genre of paintings turned out to be a great success. Gayle has had the delightful opportunity to accept commissions to paint owner’s boats, lighthouses as well as military monuments and airplanes!

Overcome Frustration:

Gayle found herself with lots of duties and obligations as her children grew and especially when they moved geographically. Her way of moving through this season was to “back off” and yes, take time to get a new perspective. In Gayle’s case, nature is her muse and way of recharging her physical and artistic batteries. You can feel the solace and simplicity she portrays in this beautiful painting below.

Here is a recent and beautiful interpretation of the Rainbow River in Dunnellon, Florida. 

Show “love” through your creative endeavors: 

Gayle certainly exemplifies the adage of “do what you love” as she shared with me that a she puts a piece of herself into every painting. Her work is certainly an expression of Gayle’s great love for nature and her painting expertise.

Gayle Miller exhibits at the "Art a La Carte" show.

Crystal River to Horseshoe Point (acrylic/paper) 21 x 18½ matted/unframed

  • Interview with Gayle Miller13:13

Articles & Internet Postings

Recent coverage of Gayle Miller's artwork, approach to paintings, selection of media (watercolors, acrylic on nautical navigational charts, oils, etc.), her experiences and training, and love of nature. 

Published by Laura Gabel, July 11, 2019


Offset Peach & Wine Iris


4 x 10 (framed 11 x 14)​

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​​Several weeks ago I was fortunate to shake hands with Gayle Miller and her husband at a regional art show “Art a La Carte” benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Hernando County. It’s always a pleasure meeting new artist friends. All of us are creative in one way or another, but career artists are well…incredibly creative! As we’ve so often encouraged you in our blog, attending an art festival or a museum just opens

your eyes to novel ways to look

at the world.

I gleaned a lot from my audio interview

wth Gayle (audio posted above). Here

are a few highlights.