0260—Fowey Rocks to Alligator Reef

45 x 33 matted/unframed

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0388—Straits of Florida

21 x 16½ matted/unframed

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0440—Panama City II

24 x 19 matted/unframed

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0493—Waccasassa Bay to Withlacochee River

21 x 18½ matted/unframed  ​Contact us for pricing

0275—Ebb Tide

11 x 13 framed

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Gayle W. Miller Fine Art

0385—Day at the Beach

18 x 24 matted/unframed  Contact us for pricing

SOLDUntitled Watercolor

20 x 30 matted/unframed

0508—Yellow Iris

14½ x 17½  matted/unframed

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​​Nautical Chart Art (acrylic/paper)

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0363—Cattails Near Shore

14 x 21 matted/unframed

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0502—Crystal River to Horseshoe Point 21 x 18½ matted/not framed  Contact us for pricing

0375—Tarpon Springs to Clearwater Harbor

15½ x 20¼ matted/unframed

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​*See more on Watercolors page

0336—Canoeing the River 20 x 16 matted/framed  Contact us for pricing